In this episode, I talk about my personal experiences with learning Spanish living with a host family in Chile for one year when I was 16.

I also talk about the mentality of wanting to learn a new language and the struggles that come along with it. I also share a few of my best tips on how to effectively learn and retain a new language much faster.

These are all things that I learned “in the field” so to speak…so I know they work 😀

And if you’re looking for some easy ways to learn Spanish, I wrote an entire article about it. I’m absolutely POSITIVE you’ll find some good direction in there.

Last updated January 2, 2023 by Josh Koerpel

Josh Koerpel

Josh has spent the last 15 years working from the road as a ship captain, wilderness guide, mechanical engineer, marketing director and software developer.

He currently lives aboard his 32′ sailboat “Albatross” in Key West, Florida.

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