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It is an absolute pleasure to have Ximena de la Serna on today’s episode of Firebuilders LIVE! Today she is going to TEACH YOU this — How WOMEN can still kick ass and be ‘Boss Babes’…without throwing their hormones out of whack!

Running the #1 Spanish-speaking Keto Youtube channel with subscribers totalling almost half a million, Ximena understands the demands on the female body. As a digital entrepreneur, a bodybuilder, biohacker, a Youtuber, journalist, and motivational speaker, she is one of the most energetic people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

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As a real-life Wonder Woman, Ximena has always had a passion for empowering modern women. She started her journey by traveling alone to London with the dream of creating a business online and reaching as many women as possible. Her goal? To help them realize their own dreams in a society mostly run by men…AND not losing themselves OR sacrificing their health in the process.

With an unbelievably strong mix of beauty, intelligence and out-of-this world energy, she is someone who can truly change your life. There’s magic felt when talking to her… where you believe that anything is possible.

She will show you the secrets to becoming that “BOSS BABE” while thriving and flourishing as the beautiful woman you are!

Want more of Ximena? Find her here:

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